General Info


Valley Christian Transitional Kindergarten is a ministry of First Baptist Church of Santa Maria. Valley Christian Transitional Kindergarten seeks to embrace a philosophy of education which is firmly based upon principles derived from God's Word. Our goal spiritually is to help every student develop the moral character which results from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Academically, we seek to teach the children the skills needed as they prepare for kindergarten. Socially, we desire to train young people to be courteous, responsible, and hard working, doing their best in everything they do.

Missions Statement

"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge." Proverbs 1:7
The mission of Valley Christian Academy and Valley Christian Transitional Kindergarten is to provide a Christ-centered education for transitional kindergarten through twelfth grade students. We endeavor to accomplish this by seeking to assure that each student has a personal relationship with Christ, educating each student through a superior academic and extra-curricular program, strengthening the family each child represents, and helping each student realize God's purpose in his life as well as his place in God's church.


The faculty and staff of Valley Christian Transitional Kindergarten are members of First Baptist Church of Santa Maria. All the faculty are well-qualified both spiritually and academically and have been carefully and prayerfully selected.


Valley Christian Transitional Kindergarten uses the Abeka Book curriculum program to prepare the children for kindergarten. We prepare each child as if they were going to continue to go to our Valley Christian Academy kindergarten; however, this would prepare them for any kindergarten program or curriculum. Our four year olds are able to read 3 or 4 letter words, count to 100, and they know the months of the year, the seasons, Bible verses, their numbers, their letters and much more.


4-5 year olds


Monday through Friday, 7:30am- 5:15pm
*We open at 7:30 but children must be here by 8:30.