The Speed Limit in our parking lot is 10 MPH.

Children must be at school by 8:30. Please call ahead if you are running late.

We are happy to meet with you at any time! If you need to speak with Mrs. Wilson, or if you would like a tour/information on the transitional kindergarten, please call 805-937-2171 to make an appointment.

Safety is of utmost importance to us. Please do not teach your children to open our doors or gates, and please close them behind you. If even one door or gate is left open, a child (maybe yours) could be in our parking lot in under 10 seconds. Also, the big gate that leads from the playground directly to the parking lot is strictly for emergency personnel only. This gate is difficult to close properly, and we ask that parents not attempt to use it. Obviously, it is for the safety of the children as they have direct access to our busy parking lot if it is open. Thank you.

Make sure you have a change of clothes in your child's cubbie (returning students, make sure it fits) and their name in their jacket. It makes it much easier to find missing jackets at the end of the day.

When you pick your child up, always check his cubbie for informational notes from the office or notes from the teacher. This is where you will find notes about accidents, schedule changes, discipline, concerns, encouragement, and needs. Also, make sure you sign your child in and out every day, signing your full last name (no initials) and the time. This is a state requirement.

Be sure to take your child's blanket home to be washed at the end of his week of school.

Please bring an ID with you, or remind the person responsible for picking up your child to bring his ID until we get to know everybody. If the teacher on duty does not recognize the adult, she will not release the child until they are properly identified. This is for your child's safety.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns for Mrs. Wilson, or your child's teacher, please feel free to call anytime to check on your child. Quick questions are great throughout the day, but if you have a concern that may require extended discussion, please call between 1 and 2 pm, or call the office to make an appointment so that we are sure we can give your our full attention.